Personal Projects

Front in Amsterdam

Front in Amsterdam was a non-profit international conference organized by front-end enthusiasts. It happened on August 28th, 2015, and brought speakers from different countries to talk about everything between design, coding and open source communities.

I was one of the organizers, and directed the technology efforts both during the event and on the website.

Who Cares?

Who Cares crawls your timeline searching for who most liked and commented on your posts, showing an interactive grid ordered by most interaction, allowing you to see even who's not your friend.

I've developed the site using Facebook's JavaScript API, a lot of IndexedDB, and a few PHP in the back end to generate images for sharing.

Prefixo 9

Prefixo 9 reads your entire Gmail contact book and suggests changes for the ninth digit for cellphones for your contacts, that came into effect in several parts of Brazil starting 2012.

I've developed the site strongly using PHP, since updating Gmail contacts is exclusively done in XML. Afterwards I've updated the site renewing its visual, using Bootstrap.

The project was mentioned by Tecnoblog on August 2012.


Palavrômetro is a site that searches Facebook and shows the results on the screen in a grid format in real time, showing also which hashtags and links were most popular.

I've developed the site using only client tools, such as Facebook JavaScript API and IndexedDB.

The project was mentioned by Meio Bit on June 2013. It is currently offline.

Work & Co for Business for Business is the simplest way to manage company stays, and it needs a bold and direct, yet informative landing page showcasing features and benefits.

As part of the for Business team, I've helped with the implementation of this landing page, creting front end tools that were useful in other internal projects as well.



Thew new Scup website was completely revamped, with a modern look and new technologies, leaving WordPress aside in favor of a customized and agile approach.

I've developed the website with Node.js, Jade, Sass and Gulp, technologies that ultimately brought a lot of speed to the development, and provided extreme organization for future functionalities.

Scup 50

Scup 50 was a hotsite that collected opinions from fifty professionals and scholars about what the future reserves for social media on 2014.

I've developed the entire interface, using technologies as history.pushState and CSS3 animations, providing a fluid navigation.



UVideos was a huge refactoring of Univision's video portal, including complete TV shows, as well as clips, news, soap operas, music videos, etc.

I've developed a series of interactive components, such as the watchlist and recently watched videos, and related and recommended videos. As part of the project, I've proposed a clean and modularized JavaScript code, with full refactoring, that ultimately got into the entire portal, becoming the company's standard. Besides that, I've integrated internal applications, as well as third party APIs.

MTV Brasil

MTV Encoder

Complete, flexible and robust video encoding platform, responsible for receiving high definition videos and converting them to various different formats. It worked with a distributed queue concept, with priorities for immediate formats.

I've developed the entire conversion, queue and distribution system using PHP, FFmpeg and Unix commands. The system was strongly integrated with the Drupal instance used by MTV Brasil's editorial team, where all the videos metadata was stored.

2011 Video Music Brasil Awards

Biggest brazilian music awards ceremony, VMB received in 2011 millions of popular votes and, for the first time, votes from an academy composed by music specialists, that defined the winners for most of the categories that year.

I've developed two voting storing mechanisms, the popular one featured a proprietary CAPTCHA system and a fraud detector; the academy one guaranteed the vote's security and secrecy, with a pleasant experience.

I've also participated in the development of the awards website, and the "console", a live experience during the award ceremony with live blogging, video streaming and real time chatting.

2010 Video Music Brasil Awards

VMB 2010 received much more votes than in 2011, since there were more popular voting categories.

The developed voting system had the same features, but the CAPTCHA was much more restricted, asking a question to the visitor, such as "type the letters in green", or "type the numbers".